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When developing the Master Series. My goal was to create one snowboard that performs anywhere and in all conditions. The foundation was set with expert tooling and the best materials available thus allowing the rider to build confidence and expand every rider"S capability. The Master Series stands for a '"No gimmick" snowboarding concept for a shaped board.
15511929.729.7VARIO 78525.3
15712129.929.9VARIO 81125.5
16112430.830.8VARIO 84025.7
159W12130.830.8VARIO 81026.4
162W12431.131.1VARIO 84326.7
  • Micro Camber
  • Ultralight Core
  • Carbon X Tech
  • Vario Powergrip Sidecut
  • Carbonium Topsheet
  • Bi-lite Fiberglass
  • Sintered P-tex Sidewalls
  • Featherweight Damping System
  • Underfoot Balancing Stabilizers
  • Durasurf Sintered 4501 Base
  • Full Wrap Metal Edges
  • Set Back Stance

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan Weed
One Board Quiver

This is the second Academy board I have purchased. I have a Graduate as well and although that thing slays all gnarly terrain, pipes and park, I wanted something a little softer for jibs and cruising. The Master is amazing. Soft enough to press on a box or rail, won’t wash out hucking jumps and honestly I think it could handle the heavy terrain too. One board quiver for sure. Best thing about these boards too is they’re tough as nails. I have no worries gapping out to board slide and the top sheet is unfazed by the kooks dancing on your board in the lift line. I’ve tried other brands and I keep coming back to Academy. They’re straight up the best.

Casey Heide
Master series’s 159w

This is a board that you need to have in your quiver or as a daily riding board. The board is playful, quick edge to edge and has just the right amount of stiffness. The base is fast and you can turn on the speed quickly. A must have board!

Mark Tiemeier
Your Masters Snowboard is the best whip on earth

Where has this been all my life?! Thank you for making such a perfect deck. Initially, on my first trial run I was not sure. Once I re set my stance from 9, 9 to 15 and 9, this thing came alive and I fell in love. It’s so much more stable and balanced from my old Burton Branch Manager. It keeps my upright where that BM would fold over the nose and plant me in the snow. I am so confused how you made such a camber dominant board ride like this in pow.
In summation; I could not be happier and I actually want to ride again. I’m a little spoiled living in Vail and was really over it for the season. I am now feeling as excited as when I first moved here 9 years ago.

Academy for life!

Paul M
Best board ever

I’ve ridden a this model board now for the past 2 winters. It’s been my favorite all around hard charging board to date. Floats on the snow out west and helps smash through chunder in the east. I’ve put it through a lot and it’s been the most durable board I’ve ridden in 25+ years.

Aaron Golbeck
Best board I’ve ever had under my feet.

From the camber profile, to the materials and the way the board is built, this thing can handle absolutely everything you can put it through. I love to charge and I push this board to its limits and have yet to see it lose any of its life. If you want to take your riding to the next level, or just need something you can depend on, look no further.