Since 2002, we have always stayed true to our foundation of quality, progression and individuals.

We are a rider owned and operated, no gimmick snowboard company focused on making the best snowboards in the world. We have now partnered with never summer manufacturing to ensure our long term production quality, durability, and consistency. We know each and every employee that makes and touches our product so we know we will always deliver the best to our customers. With close proximity to our offices, we can constantly develop and create better snowboards and introduce new technologies. We keep our line simple and understandable ranging from freestyle park boards to all mountain free ride boards. Our progressive profiles, functional camber shapes and high end materials do all the talking when you bring the boards out on the hill. Being manufactured at never summer industries, gives us the confidence we need to make the best, most consistent, long lasting boards year after year so you always know what you’re getting. three year warranty, quality and made in the USA!

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Huge thanks to everyone that gets behind a lens and captures our customers, fans, believers, the Academy crew and everything snowboarding!  Chad Otterstrom, Matt Peterson and Jake Pollock.