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"I designed The Graduate Series with the idea of building a board that will ride everything. Jumps, lines, pow and pipe. The camber profile with early rise nose allows you to generate speed quickly, hold an edge and turn on a dime. It has an agressive profile and flex that gives you complete control over this snowboard when you ride and thats what I love about it." -Chad O.
15512129.729.7VARIO 74025.2
15812430.030.0VARIO 74325.4
16212630.230.2VARIO 77025.7
159W12430.730.7VARIO 74326.1
163W12731.531.5VARIO 77026.8
  • Transworld Good Wood All Mountain 
  • Ultralight Core 
  • Carbon V Tech
  • Vario Powergrip Sidecut 
  • Low Profile Tip/tail 
  • Poly-thermo Topsheet 
  • Bl-lite Fiberglass 
  • Sintered P-Tex Sidewalls 
  • Featherweight Damping System 
  • Underfoot Balancing Stabilizers 
  • Durasurf Sintered 4501 Base 
  • Full Wrap Metal Edges 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Americo powers
Holy freaking smokes dude this board it awesome

It holds edges like nothing i’ve risen before. I’ve gone up countless times on this thing and hit everything from powder to ice and from jumps to the race courses. No matter what i throw at this thing it handles it perfectly. The durability is insane too. I was boarding in the trees with some friends and hit a rock, thought the board was toast but it was just a small scrape that could be waxed over!! absolutely beautiful board man keep up the great work cause your doing something right. looking forward to riding this board for the years to come.

Josh Lease
Academy Graduate

Been riding for 35 seasons and this board gives me all I need and more. Especially for a daily driver. I've slayed steep faces, dropped some admirable cliffs as well has had many of crushing days in the park on top of just being a fun playful board blasting side hits and leaving deep trenches. I rock the 163w the only wish I had is that it comes in an 166w as I come in at 6'3" 265lbs. If you like true shapes and camber this boards for you with just a little early rise on the nose this board is like a twin pow slasher. I just bought my second one (haven't ridden it yet) after abusing the shit out of the one I'm still riding for three solid seasons with about 200-230 days on it.

David Mann
Classic design with modern construction

The Graduate Series is a Real snowboard. Classic design with modern construction. The twin camber shape with early rise in the nose performs well in all conditions from man made snow to Sierra Cement. The Vario Grip Sidecut bites into Icy conditions but isn’t grippy on rails. All around Mid flex board for any and all conditions from the West to the East!

Jake Rome
Makes riding switch feel regular.

The Graduate has a camber profile that’s loaded with pop and extra carbon in the tail that makes riding switch feel regular. The board’s one of a kind design makes it an all mountain machine. It locks in on rails, floats through jumps, and holds an incredibly strong edge. Its durability is unmatched; so whether it’s a deep day in the backcountry or a quick strike mission on an urban rail the Graduate is the board I want under my feet.

Chuck Lanning
A rocket ship riding on a cloud!

I ride a 158 Graduate that feels like a rocket ship riding on a cloud!  It floats on powday, is sendy off the jumps and rips up the Half-Pipe and down groomers.The camber combined with the base makes it extremely fast. The damping in the board makes it the smoothest I have ridden. It handles extremely well and lays down some of the tightest turns and still had the ability to generate speed on any type of snow.The Academy Graduate is my go to board that has taken me to a new heights!