Our Sweet Team

Ryan Tarbell

Sponsored by Academy, 686, Flux, Electric & Gnarly
Resides in Big Bear, CA and shreds Bear Mtn. Born October 17th.
Rides the Academy Propacamba

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1.   What board do you ride and why?

153 Propaganda because its a perfect snowboard for the kind of riding I like to do, super poppy, flexible, stable, and fun!!

2.    What’s the best part of being a part of the Academy family?

It’s not some fake corporate company who doesn’t give a shit about you. Academy is a close family and always has been from the beginning. Everyone has each others back and helps each other out no matter what. Academy has kept it real since day one!!

3.    What’s the best thing that is happening in snowboarding right now?

I would have to say my favorite is the way that some of street snowboarding is heading. It’s almost seems to be like how skateboarding was. You use to have to almost kill yourself to get any attention but now it seems like more and more people are respecting style and more tech tricks than just going big.

 4.    What’s your favorite snowboard part ever? Name of movie and rider 

Scotty Wittlake’s part in Happy Hour has always been my all time favorite part. He’s a legend and I think possibly one of the realest snowboarders to date.

5.    Who was your biggest influence when you started shredding?

I’d have to say all the OG’s that I’ve always watched while I’ve grown up. Scotty Wittlake, Mikey Leblanc, Jeff Anderson…The list could go on forever! All the homies, my brother and Bradshaw have always given me a lot of influence and motivation.

 6. Words of wisdom.

Turn down for what?!