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Lenny Mazzotti

Sponsors- Academy snowboards, Volcom, Flux bindings, VESP, jslv, Active, Laced


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Home Mountain?

Bear Mountain

What board do you ride and why?

Propcamba, nice flex, nice pop, and treats me well!

When and where did you learn how to shred ?

Before I started school, my mom would push me up the run at snow summit because I was too small to fit on the chair lift.

What ‘s the funnest thing about snowboarding to you?

The freedom, I can do whatever I want and be in a state of euphoria while i do it. As well as all the friends I’ve made so far, everyone is beyond awesome!

Who and what influences your snowboarding?

My brothers and my friends are of course my major influences, watching everyone progress and have a great time while doing it keeps me amped and wanting more.

Other favorite past times besides shredding?

Blowing stuff up and being a menace, also reading books to stay mentally stimulated!

Favorite video part?

Chad Otterstrom Video Gangs

Last words?

Not sure, not dead yet