Our Sweet Team

Chad Tarbell

Pro Team. Sponsored by Academy, Electric & Flux.
Resides in Big Bear, CA and shreds Bear Mtn. Born January 20th, 1987.
Rides the Academy Propacamba

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Sit down and tell me your name.
Chad Tarbell

And when were you born?

What academy boards do u ride?
PropaCamba 155, Rhythm 153

Astrological sign?

Tell me about your sponsors?
Academy, Flux, Gotvape

Where do you live:
Big Bear Lake

Where do u ride:
Bear Mt.

Sum up big bear in five words:
sun, park, flow, drama, party

Name some of your Homies you ride with at bear:
I pretty much ride with the same crew everyday my lil brother, d block, markass, Anthony mazzoti, Justin mulford, Ian sams, and of coarse the mobb boss bradshaw!


Does your lil brother push you to try harder tricks when your filming?
Hell yea! Ryans got so much style its crazy! Way more teck style than me. He never fails to amaze me!

Name some sites you like to waste your time on the internet:
I really don’t surf the web to much. Vgsnowcom maybe.

Name there top videos:
Revival, Technical Difficulties, Brainstorm, scotty wittlakes parts my fav.

You grew up ridding with bradshaw do u think u guys influence each others styles?
I feel like we all feed off each other mos def! I’ve always looked up to chris and always get ideas of eachother. He’s def always been on his own shit that’s what makes him so ill!

Who do u film with?
Markass mondays! Vgsnow.com

Okay, talk about your dog?
Hahahha bud is the shit he’s such a stud love him. I got a new one now lil kona she’s the smartest lil pup! There my kids hate leaving them!

You and your brother have been with academy since the beginning, does it get wierd riding for the same board company?
No way there’s no other board I’d ride academy for life!

If you could combine 2 amazing animals what would they be?
Hahahaha Idk maybe a cat and a dog kinda like that cartoon cat dog I love that show!

If snowboarding didn’t rule your life what would you b doing?
Probably some bad things cause I hate working in the real world that isn’t livin!

What is the best part of the academy family?
The biggest part of the academy family is that it is a family and that’s how more companies should b I hate big corporate companies who could care less about u and don’t want your imput. Companies need to take notes off us!

Shout outs:
definitely jb and Matty, you guys r the shit! Everyone else in the can! Markass, vgsnow all the homies they know what’s good! Everyone who supports academy thank u keep the give alive!